Our environment

As our area of development was previously a game farm, a variety of fauna is still found on the property, which is a further reminder of the necessity to minimise disturbance of surrounding habitats. This aspect is a critical element of our environmental management system.

To date, a total of 307ha of natural vegetation has been disturbed for construction purposes. Most of this area will be lost to the development of the mine and rail infrastructure until closure.

A total of 1 943 protected trees have been lost to development. These have been recorded and will be replanted. The construction plans include an on-site nursery for cultivation of protected as well as other indigenous trees to be used in rehabilitation, land reclamation and greening.

Boikarabelo is also monitoring the white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus) together with the Vulpro NGO. Monitoring of the vulture colony began along the Limpopo River, adjacent to the mine, four years ago. Changes in the population and breeding success are monitored and analysed against the mine development and blasting information to determine our impact on the colony.

Resgen believes in coal

Coal’s key advantage is that it is an affordable and stable source of energy. Resgen believes in coal and what coal can generate for the local and national economies. Tremendous strides have been made in mining coal in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that negative effects are minimal.

Resgen believes in responsible mining

Responsible mining means that we focus on more than just compliance. We focus on the issues that affect the environment, employees and communities so that we can make a meaningful, sustainable, positive impact. We have a responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint, to use natural resources efficiently and minimally, to ensure our employees’ needs are considered, and to make a social and economic difference in the Lephalale area and surrounding communities.