Our communities

As Resgen believes in responsible corporate citizenship, we support various community development initiatives.

Regular meetings are held with our local communities to share information about developments and employment opportunities at the mine, and to address
any concerns.

Our human resource development programme, which forms part of Boikarabelo’s social and labour plan (SLP), includes educational events at a number of schools as well as funding of adult education and training, which is well attended by members of our local communities. The programme focuses on skills development so that jobs, particularly in welding, fitting, plumbing and electrical work, become accessible to people in surrounding areas.

Group policy on procurement practices complies with the Mining Charter Scorecard, which requires investment in the development of black economic empowerment (BEE)-compliant small businesses supplying capital goods, consumables and services.

To this end, we are developing the following plans ahead of securing funding to begin development of the mine:

  • formation of a Procurement Oversight Committee, to consider a procurement strategy for all goods and services, aligned with the Mining Charter Scorecard
  • finalising procurement plans for consumables and services, and preparing a database of pre-qualified black-owned businesses
  • plans to provide the Procurement Oversight Committee with detailed quarterly analysis of actual spend on each of the Mining Charter requirements in order to identify areas for focused attention
  • finalising and tabling for approval of a supply chain management and local procurement procedure