Our environment

The Boikarabelo project covers 22 000 hectares, with a wide range of game including giraffe, kudu, impala and water buck, and we have instituted an environmental management plan to limit the mine's impact. This includes a feeding and conservation programme for African white back vultures, which have been classified as an endangered species, and we now have a colony of 120 birds, with 40 breeding pairs.

Resgen believes in coal

Coal's key advantage is that it is a cheap and stable source of energy. Resgen believes in coal and what coal can generate for the local and national economies. Tremendous strides have been made in mining coal in an environmentally responsible way, ensuring that negative effects are minimal.

Resgen believes in responsible mining

Responsible mining means that we focus on more than just compliance. We focus on the issues that affect the environment, employees and communities so that we can make a meaningful, sustainable, positive impact. We have a responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint, use natural resources efficiently and minimally, ensure our employees' needs are taken into consideration, and to make a social and economic difference in the Lephalale area and surrounding communities.